God Made Easy

God works in mysterious ways… and sometimes the most precious things really do come in the smallest packages! 

One morning Patrice Karst woke from a deep sleep with the title GOD MADE EASY. The author as, “one miracle after the other” next, has described what happened. She was instructed to get up and write it now! Like taking dictation, what flowed out of her pen was a hip, humorous (yet profound) user-friendly guide to God for people of all religions and spiritual paths. Quite simply this little book sums up the questions to the great mysteries of our universe in a charming and touching way. A reintroduction to God for our planet as He, She, It really is everywhere, eager to listen, willing to answer, and there for us all! 

This miracle book has gone all over the globe and the author receives thousands of letters from people of every age faith and walk of life thanking her for this little book that somehow came into their life and brought them faith, understanding and joy.

Currently out of print, Patrice still has some of her own stock left for you.

Look for new updated edition coming soon!

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