The Invisible String Origin Story

The Invisible String® was brought to life in 1995 when I was a full time working single mom. When I had to drop off my beloved little boy Elijah at preschool, he would cry so hard that it broke my heart. And so I began to tell him what was obvious to me: we were always connected by an invisible string made out of love. In fact, not only would it connect us all day long, but forever and ever—no matter what! 

Viola! Once he knew about the string, his separation anxiety stopped. The story brought him (and then all of his friends, who begged to hear it, too!) immense comfort with the realization that they would never, ever be alone—because the Invisible String connects us not only to our loved ones, but also to the whole wide world.

One day over coffee, my friend Mary listened to me talk about “The String” and she declared, “This should be a book!” I went a very small publisher I knew to see if they were interested, and they released the hardcover edition in 2000. The folks that read it loved it enthusiastically, and I began to receive the most incredible letters of how this book had affected its readers.

Several years ago, I noticed a growing phenomenon of interest. The Invisible String suddenly started to move, then sprint—and then the next thing I knew, to my great surprise and honor, it took off and became a best seller. I had dreamed of selling a thousand copies, and now that number is over a million!

In addition to receiving countless testimonials from the general public, I hear from schools, psychologists, bereavement groups, military personnel and support groups, prisons, hospitals, funeral homes, adoption and foster organizations, divorce attorney’s offices, hospices, and parenting classes about how The Invisible String is being used to guide, comfort, and heal. Beyond assisting children and adults with any type of loss or separation issues, readers tell me they appreciate how it offers a tangible understanding of what the abstract concept of love really is. Even adults are buying it for one another!

Not a week goes by that I do not receive heartfelt letters about how this book has affected its readers. That I get to share love and healing with the world is beyond my dream come true, and it is now my mission in life. My vision and deepest hope is that one day, every child on Earth will be comforted by knowing of their Invisible Strings.

Copyright 2021 Patrice Karst